Joris Eijmberts

Turning crazy ideas into games!


One of the requirements set by The Tall Ones was a very well documented project that would be maintainable after my internship.

To meet this requirement I created an entire documentation website that included tutorials and a complete api reference.

**Note** this documentation is at the time of writing, June 15th, 2020, not fully complete. But this will completed and fully explained on, June 2nd, 2020, during my graduation session at Fontys.


To create the documentation website I used a tool called DocFX, a static documentation generator that uses inline xml documentation from the source code to generate a website containing a full api reference.


To make it easier for the developers to start using CP Social, I added tutorials to the website generated by DocFX. These tutorials contained all information needed to set up CP Social in a Unity project and configure third party service providers, like Google and Apple, correctly to allow them communicate.