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Crossplatform game interview, answers Martijn van Buul

In the google sheet below are Martijn’s aswers to the questions of the interview, performed using Google Forms. The english translation is written out below the form.

What’s you’re name


Have you ever made a cross platform game?


If so, what was the name of this game?

Tied Together

On which platforms was this game released?

AirConsole (Web en AndroidTV), Nintendo Switch and Hatch(Android)

Did this game have any platform specific functionalities? (eg. achievements, leaderboards, save games, etc.)


If so, could you give an example?

Saving level times to keep track of the fastest time.

How did you go about keeping these functionalities separate per platform? If applicable.

Multiple development branches (Git), because not all platforms were planned to be developed for at the start, and they were continuously expanded in functionality.

Did this way of working cause any problem during development?

Lots of timelosses when switching branches, and unlcarity about the implementations of the functionality.

If there was a system that would have implementations for native functionalities for all platforms. What would be an important requirement? (Multiple answers allowed)

  • Usability, the functionality should be easy to implement without having to go through a lot of documentation.
  • Testable, the functionality should be easy to test, for all platforms or just for a single platform
  • Robust, the implementation of the fuctionality should be roust enought that a developer can count on it to work every time, and that it doesn’t break when deployed.

Am I allowed to show this information publicly on my portfolio? (