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After doing a short interview, and knowing the current situation better a benchmark was performed to check how much time the current situation would take to create build of the current project The Tall Ones was working on.

Building in Unity

When creating a build in Unity it’s necessary to switch the the target platform before you can build for that target.

Unity platform selection

This switch can ofter take quite a long time, especially with larger project. When switching platform Unity ofter has to reimport a lot of the exising assets in the project which can take a long time.

Before performing this benchmark I set a couple of rules that would simulate the current situation at The Tall Ones.

I would create a build for:

  • Windows
  • MacOs
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS (xcode project)

When creating all builds I would have to:

  • Switch to the target platform in Unity
  • Build the game.

Below is a sped up screen recording of the entire build process during the benchmark.


After performing the benchmark, the total time building was about 1,5 hours. But in reality it took nearly 2 hours to complete builds for all target platform.

Speeding up the build process wouldn’t be really possible in Unity but there was a way to skip the step of having to switch to the target platform using Editor build scripts