Joris Eijmberts

Turning crazy ideas into games!

The Process

Before I started the realization phase of my internship I needed to have an idea of the current situation at The Tall Ones, I had to setup a list of requirements and plan out how I was going to create a solution that would fit those requirements.

Current situation

Before I starting planning anything for my internship I wanted to know the current situation at The Tall Ones, if they ever made any corssplatform games and how they went about creating them.

After analyzing the situation I found out that The Tall Ones had made a crossplatform game called Tied Together which was release on the Nintendo Switch, Air-Console and Hatch(android). And that the development process used cumbersome ways to keep these features separated.


After analyzing the current situation I sat down with my company supervisor Martijn van Buul to create a planning that I would use to structure my internship and keep track of the development process.


After creating a planning together with Martijn we sat down to discus the requirements needed for the final project, using these requirements I formulated a concept of the final product.

CP social

During the meeting discussing the requirement of the final product Martijn and I reffered to it as a ‘crossplatform social system’. When creating some documentation I started using an abbreviation for it ‘CP Social’ (cross-platform social), even though we didn’t plan on giving the project a name, the name ‘CP Social’ was quite suiting so we stuck with it. So from now on I will be reffering to the ‘final product’ as ‘CP Social’.

The final concept

So to recap the final concept for CP Social, the final product had to be:

  • Prevent multiple projects for different platforms of the same game & Keep time losses to a minimum
  • Robust
  • Testable
  • Easy to use

Besides those requirements set by Martijn, CP Social also had to include the requirements that were discussed during the requirements analysis;

CP Social would have to support the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Steam
  • And a fallback Unsupported platform

Further more CP Social would have to support the following functionalities:

  • Handle personal data
  • Achievements
  • Cloud saving

With this final concept created I started the realization phase…