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Unity Dots

Unity Ecs live demo

In 2019 I started my minor at Fontys with the focus on creating a game from start to finish. After finding out I’m not a game designer but a game developer(you know writing the code and stuff).
I started looking into Unity Dots, looking at the potential this could have in the future I started working on a project where I could clearly show the performance benefit Unity Dots workflow could have over the old school Unity Monobehaviour workflow.

What is Unity Dots

In short, Unity Ecs is a way of safely writing multi threaded code for massive performance gains, for more info check out the unity blog post here.

But why?

To be honest I’m a curious guy, I love diving head first into stuff I don’t know and trying to understand all the ins and outs of it. So that’s why I did this.


I started by creating a simple Unity project using the normal Monobehaviour and gameobjects workflow. By doing this I could have a baseline to compare the Unity Dots version of the project to, to see how much the performance would improve.

Result: About 4000 game objects in the scene all being scanned to check if they were within the players targeting cone at around 30-40 fps.

After setting a baseline with the Monobehaviour workflow I created a new project using Unity Dots, and using almost the same logic to calculate if an entity is inside the players targeting cone I started stress testing. And boy was I surprised… The stress test above was run on the same machine as the first, but this time using Unity Dots.

Result: 175.000 objects in the scene all being scanned to check if they were within the players targeting cone at around 20 fps.

Yes the fps was a lot lower, but there were around 44 times more objects in the scene. After some more testing I was satisfied with the result and moved on to some polish work.

I added some target reticles that would hover over the entities inside the players’ targeting cone. And remove the bulk of the entities from the stress test to make the project a bit more pleasant to work with.

After creating this tech demo of the targeting I had to finish the project somehow so I turned it into a small space shooter game. The goal was to create a new Naumachia with Unity Dots, but I lost motivation for the project halfway into creating the game part. So that didn’t happen, but if you would like to play this version. You can download it from here. I also made a small video of it if you don’t have time to play it.


Interested in the code?

Here is a link to my private git server where I keep my own projects